Laying The Foundation

“Personal mastery of any discipline or art appeals to those who desire to move beyond mere competence to a position of power, freedom, peace of mind, and full self-expression” – excerpt from “The Three Laws of Performance”


Whatever you are up to in life or business, building a strong foundation will be a key to your success. The sturdiest foundation is supported by the following four pillars. They can be applied to life, leadership and aggregated up through an organization. 

AuthenticityOperating consistently within your espoused values and as who you say you are. To be authentic is to live a life fully expressed, coming from who you really are.  The most common examples of being inauthentic are trying to look good, trying not to look bad and generally allowing your fear of what other people might think get in the way of being your most powerful self.

Integrity - Integrity is the missing factor of production in our lives and our organizations. Being in integrity means honoring your word. Honoring your word is doing what you said you would, when you said you would do it to the best of your ability OR letting people know immediately if you won’t be and then taking responsibilty for the impact that has.  

Service to Others and Ourselves - What's the difference you want to make and how do you make it? What do you want to cause to happen for your life or business, your family, your community and beyond? 

Proactive Urgency - This is where the rubber meets the road and we chart a course designed to get you the results you want. First, we may have to explore what it is you want and the results you desire. Then, by creating a sense of urgency and getting into action, you bring those results into  the realm of possibility.

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